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Mike was born and raised in Swansea: A rough and tumble town on the South Wales coast in the UK.
His circumstances were unusual from birth, being the only son with 6 sisters, Mike was immersed in the music tradition of Wales, where singing has always been a proud national pastime.  Swansea was, and still is a raucous place.  And even today wild horses still run free through the streets where Mike had to learn at an early age to fend for himself.  

His first affray into percussion was as a drummer boy for the Sea Scouts/Cadet's, as he honored the Naval tradition of the family.  As he became more skilled at his technique a 12 year old Mike followed the common route from tin pots to makeshift drums.  His first real kit was brought for him by his father George  at the age of 13.  Now he was ready to start his first band.   "The Planets" played rock & roll instrumentals such as "Nutcracker" by "Bee Bumble and the Stingers".  They played for free to small local crowds, in atmospheres that most 13 year old boys mothers would have nightmares about!  During the smoky nights in these rough but colorful clubs, the diminutive drummer began to make a name for himself with his boyish good looks and cheeky Swansea charm.  

This did not go unnoticed by local Jazz club columnist "Schmoo" who turned the Iveys on to Mike.  At the time Mike was drumming for a popular local band called "The Misfits".  

Rival band member Ron Ivey turned up at Mikes door in true rock star style:  On the back of his dad's moped.  
Mike was slightly  apprehensive about the look of this Ivey.  He appeared more mod than rocker but Mike agreed to audition for the fledgling Iveys.  Within one hour of the audition, Pete ("Piggy") and the rest of the boys offered Mike the gig.  Mikes first reaction was "I don't know about these guys!", but the grungy little rocker saw something in the Ivey's and joined the band that would in time jet him around the world.


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