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Badfinger were one of the most respected songwriting bands to have come out of the UK, on the heels of the British invasion.  Writing songs used by the likes of Mariah Carey, Nilsson and even having the top 10 hit: "Come and Get It" penned by arguably the greatest songwriter ever known:  ex Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. 

wpe6.jpg (5623 bytes)Badfinger always moved in the biggest musical circles.  Performing live on stage with George Harrison at the Bangladesh concert, or sharing the stage with The Who, Badfinger were famous for bringing subtlety and soul to their music, while always retaining the hard edge that made them a firm favorite with musicians and fans alike.  So respected were they that their very first record deal was to be the first band handpicked by the Beatles for their new "Apple" label.

However Badfinger will mostly be known for the events after the music.  Badfinger often lived in poverty, living one day to the next, believing that there were royalties and finances waiting for them at the end of their grueling touring and recording work.  There were none.  
Due to forces seemingly out of their control, Badfinger were exploited every step of the way.

wpe1.jpg (10711 bytes)This exploitation took it's toll, and manifested itself in the very worst way.  Badfinger's soulful songwriter, and Mikes best friend and fellow Welshman Pete Ham, took his life as he bent to the pressures of the worst face of the music scene.  Leaving behind Petera, his daughter who he would never get to see, as his death preceded her birth.  

And the story does not end there.  Horrified by his soul mate's death, Tommy Evans, suffering from a deep depression and alcoholism, took his own life years later.  He left behind wife Marianne and son Steven.  

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