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During the regular gigs in shady clubs such as "The Ritz" in Skewen, and "The Glen" in Llanelli, Mike realized he was earning much more than even the best paid apprentices and school leavers of his age, so he left school to concentrate on his beloved music.

Mike recalls the gigs being filled with Notorious "Teddy Boys" all fighting amongst themselves, and worse still, being jealous of the attention the Ivey's were getting from their own girlfriends.  This resulted in many scuffles and hurried exits.  One such trick was to open the back doors and reverse the van right up against the open doors providing a quick getaway from any trouble.
But even the volatile crowds appreciated the immense youthful talent of the Iveys, resulting in them being firm favorites with the South Wales music scene.  

Here is Mikes own personal view of the Iveys taken from his forthcoming book:


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