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Magic Christian Music (1970 EMD/CAPITOL)



1. Come and Get It (Paul McCartney)
2. Crimson Ship (Tom Evans/Pete Ham)
3. Dear Angie (Ron Griffith)
4. Fisherman (Tom Evans)
5. Midnight Sun (Pete Ham)
6. Beautiful and Blue (Tom Evans)
7. Rock of All Ages (Tom Evans/Pete Ham/Mike Gibbins)
8. Carry on Till Tomorrow (Tom Evans/Pete Ham)
9. I'm In Love (Pete Ham)
10. Walk Out In The Rain (Pete Ham)
11. Angelique (Tom Evans)
12. Knocking Down Our Home (Pete Ham)
13. Give it a Try (Tom Evans/Pete Ham/Mike Gibbins/Ron Griffith)
14. Maybe Tomorrow (Tom Evans)
15. Storm in a Teacup
16. Arthur


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