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Bedroom Boy


Gibbo grins like a loon while Warsing chills.

Bedroom Boy is Gibbo (Owen Gibbins)

Track Listing:    

1: Face in the Dirt
2: On My Way
3: Caving In
4: Secret Garden
5: It's no Secret
6: Signal Sender

"Secret Garden" 

Written, produced and performed by Owen Gibbins apart from drums: Mike Gibbins.

Recorded over a 7 month period in the Summer of 98.  "Secret Garden"  was the result of experimenting in the studio between Mikes recording of "More Annoying Songs".  Mike laid down the drums for S.G in about 2 or 3 takes, even though he'd never heard the songs before!  Styles range from the mellow lilt of Badfinger and the Beatles to the rock of Mountain and Metallica.  Now is your chance to hear Mike's departure from his solid "in the bag" drumming to out and out jamming power!



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